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Custom Web Design is what you are known for.  Yes, the web design industry has been evolved into the “templates web design shops” where a customer picked an existing design template and quickly turn it into a website.  This method will certainly save you a lot of design cost and time.   However, there could be thousands of others who have the same website design as your website.  So if you want to be unique and different than the rest of the pack, our design team is ready to help.

  1. Step 1: Our Technical Analysis team will your with you to clearly define your project.
  2. Step 2: Our Graphic Design team will turn your requirement specification into visual design and layout.
  3. Step 3: Our Coding team will convert these static design pages into a functional website.
  4. Step 4: Our Testing team will go thru each page making sure it meets our page load, browser, security and usability compliance.
  5. Step 5: Our Training & Support team will train you how to use and manage your own website.


It’s not done until our testing engineers said so.  Our tests including, but not limited to, the followings:

1. Usability – making sure it works for the end users.

2. Security – making sure that no door is open for potential hackers.

3. Browser Compliance – making sure that it works with all the web browsers.

4. Page load – making sure that each page meets the minimum load requirement for low bandwidth users.

5. Design – making sure it meets the design requirements.

We also do Quality Control and Testing for our customers as an independent verifier.

So if you have a web project done by your own team or by your contractor and you need a third party to verify its quality, give GlassBox Marketing & Consultancy – A Singapore Digital Marketing Agency a call.

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