Air Conditioning Repair Monroe NC

  • Change your filter

Many air conditioner repairs can be avoided by constantly changing your filter. If your filter is dirty and blocked, it can cause many issues with your unit. Lack of air flow can cause a lack of cooling effectiveness with the system. In some cases a blocked filter can lead to your system freezing up. Filters should be checked frequently and changed on a regular basis.

Melt any ice

If your unit is freeze it will not cool properly. Melting the ice is a very simple process. You can turn the system to off and run just the fan to help thaw the ice quickly.

  • Give it a good cleaning

Often the system may only be dirty. Instead of a real air conditioner repair, the unit may just needs to be cleaned. On the outside unit you can cautiously clean the fan blades and remove any debris from inside the unit. You can also visit Air Conditioning Repair Monroe NC or more information. The condenser’s fins can be also cleaned. Be very careful when fooling with blades and fins as they are easy to curve and break.

  • Examine your ducts

If you feel comfortable going up into your attic, check out your ducts to make sure air is coming out of them and they are not blocked. A superficial check will show if air is flowing through the ducts. It’s time to call HVAC expert.

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