Best Appliance Repair

We stock a range of kitchen appliances for sale and for spare parts. This means that if you need a new oven, a new fridge or a new washing machine then we can help. Or if your existing washing machine needs a new drum due to minor damages, we might be able to replace the drum for you.

We can provide you with same day and next day appointments for installation, repair and other services, booked at your convenience to work around your existing schedule.


Ovens, hobs and fridges
We can provide you with all of the appliances you need in order to store your food and cook it to perfection. Whether it’s an electric oven, some electric hobs, or at the other end the scale with fridges and freezers.

The quality of storage and how effectively you can prepare your food is vital to your health and well-being, and so all of our appliances are tested to ensure that they work to industry standards.

Dishwashers and washing machines
Clothing and crockery can be expensive, so you need to have appliances that you can trust to get them clean effectively without causing any damages that could ruin them and cost you more money.

We ensure that all of the appliances we sell are safe and in good working order, so you know that when you buy from us you’re getting equipment that you can trust. If your existing appliance is causing you problems, we should also be able to fix it and save you the costly process of replacing it.


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