Best Miami Hood Cleaning

Miami Hood Cleaning is a local business entering our 10th year of business. We offer the low but fair price of $20-$30 per vent. This allows us to give you a lower price than our “professional competition” but still charge a fair price.

We do not need to up-sell any of the scam services shown in this video. We would reconnect any lose ductwork for free if needed.

The only other service we offer at the end of the cleaning is the sanitizing of the air ducts. This is a service that hospitals and other facilities use to prevent viruses and diseases and it lasts up to 6 months. This ranges from $50-$95 and includes the sanitizing of all the air ducts included in the cleaning.



Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning:
Breath fresher, cleaner air.
Reduce air bone viruses and diseases.
Less dusting needed.
Drastically reduces dust mites.
Helps allergy, and asthmatic sufferers.
Save money on your utility bills.
Click on the Air Duct Cleaning page to see the disgusting and dangerous things found in you air ducts.

Dryer Vent Cleaning:
Vastly reduces risk of fire.
Lowers your utility bill by up to $300 per year.
Prolongs the life of your dryer, and helps prevent costly repairs
Reduces drying time, saving you time.
Reduces excess dust and humidity in your home.
Helps prevent damage to clothes due to excessive heat.

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