Best winter hiking boots

Anyone shopping for best winter hiking boots who is not an expert may want to refer to a hiking boots selection guide such as this one. Leather uppers come in different thickness levels which is referred to as the gauge. Top grain leather is the highest quality you can get and is featured by many top brands. The leather upper is stitched together with seams. There are boots with only a few seams and boots with lots of seams. You will want to choose seams that are double stitched for the highest level of durability. You can even find stitching that is triple or quadruple.

Discount priced boots often feature single stitching which is not what you want out on the trail.Of course, if you are a person who is trying to save money or goes through lots of boots maybe this would work for you. The soles of your boots are another important consideration. The insole is the part that your foot comes into contact with. Antimicrobial insoles are big these days. The outsole is the part that touches the ground. Outsoles should be thick and durable so that they won’t be punctured by sticks, rocks or other sharp debris.


The tread is the design on the outsole that provides traction. Muddy conditions need deep traction while minimal openings with lots of rubber is good for rocky terrain. Another part of every hiking boot is the tongue, which is usually made in one piece. No hiking boots selection guide would be complete without touching on low, mid and heavyweight boots. Low boots are also called hiking shoes or trail shoes are are appropriate for city and wilderness wear. They often resemble a cross between an athletic shoe and a boot. Mid boots are appropriate for most people in light to rough terrain. Of course heavyweight boots are the most durable and rugged, and good for those who are going to be in extremely demanding conditions. There are even Arctic boots for snowy and icy terrain. Hiking boots come in many different styles to meet various needs.

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