LED lamps for grow boxes

The grow box light kit is one of the vital systems to guarantee quality and quantity of cultivation and it is also one of the most discussed aspects by indoor growers.

The market offers a myriad of solutions for all budgets and needs, and even the technologies that come into play are very different … at the moment it is possible to choose between MH lamps, HPS lamps, AGRO lamps, LED lamps and even other subtypes. The following link provides an in-depth look at the main lighting systems available for grow boxes.

The result of this great offer and variety of grow box lamps is that it is very difficult to make the right choice!

The factors to be taken into account are in fact many and not only of a purely technical nature, in fact after having understood what the most suitable type of lamp could be for our grow box, the other important problem to solve is to find it at the best price, this is in fact the other side of the coin of having such a large offer available online … the sites that sell lighting kits for grow boxes are now many and it is not uncommon to also find large price differences for the purchase of the same identical model of lamp between 2 different sites.

To further complicate matters there is also the possibility of evaluating the purchase of a second-hand lighting system and even the possibility, for do-it-yourselfers, to realize the lighting kit in total autonomy.


What to start to understand how to save on our indoor lighting kit?

The first aspect to consider is, undoubtedly, the most suitable type of lamp for our grow box, not only in terms of initial purchase price but also – and above all – in consideration of the expected energy consumption. We know that there will be many hours of operation of our light kit, so you have to prepare yourself to bear considerable electricity costs, unfortunately this is inevitable but it is possible to limit these costs to the maximum by adopting a LED lighting system. Energy-saving LED technology is unbeatable and the higher purchase cost compared to other types of lamps will quickly be repaid by significantly lower electricity bills.

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