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As we have said many times throughout this website, content is king and always will be. The next most important aspect of best seo company brisbane in link building.

The search engines have to look at millions of websites. Many of those sites have equally good unique content. What is the next best way for a search engine which website should be ranked above the otherwise? That’s right you guessed it… link popularity!

Link popularity is heavily weighted by search engines. It gives them a clue as to which website are more popular and therefore have more authority in their particular field. It is important to point out that not all links are created equally. The most desirable links will be coming from other authority websites in your field that have content that is relevant to your own.

If you run a baseball card trading website and have 2,000 links coming to your site but they are all on website related to penguin wrestling, then those links won’t have much relevance and therefore will carry little weight in determining your link popularity. If on the other hand you have 40 links back to your baseball trading website coming from collectibles and card trading websites then you will have much higher credibility with the search engines than your penguin wrestling counterpart.

How does one obtain links form competitor websites? This is a question that vexes and leads to many hours of frustration for most webmasters. The answer is both simple and complicated. There are many ways to get incoming or “backlinks” from other relevant websites to your own. Some of the most common include:

Link Exchanges with other sites

Forum signature links
One way links form directory submisssions
One way links from press releases
One way links from article submissions
One way links from 3-way link exchanges with other webmasters
Paid links
One way links from social networking sites

Now we can easily go into several pages of explanation proving strengths, weaknesses, and details about how to obtain each specific type of link. For most people it would be incredibly boring or too complicated to read through so we will provide a snapshot of what you need to know about each type of link.

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