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Things to exempt

Sort out stuffs like cloths and other personal items that you need exempted from sending into storage. Lock such belongings in a separate room. Make sure you let the movers know what is to go and stay around.
If you make the mistake of saying “it’s all to go”, they will take everything that is not fastened down.
This sometimes happen and eventually leads to unwanted delay. Because the removal team after spending much energy and time to pack and load the containers will have to spend extra time unloading to remove the items you want to leave behind. They will start loading all over again and this is could be quite frustrating. In case you make this mistake you may need to offer the removal team a mug of tea to calm them a little.



It is advisable to leave your drawer contents that will be going into the store there. This saves you sometimes during the pack and also saves the removals company a lot of space within the container.
The removals team will take care of everything and you will get all your drawer contents safe and intact. They will take out the drawers if the chest is too heavy. Then they will replace the drawer and carry the chest into the van. Any breakable items inside the drawer will be taken out and carefully kept in the van, because breakable items can easily roll around in the drawer and break.

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