Marketing Ideas For Joint Ventures

Today, I would like to expand on it and show you how they work. Joint venture giveaways are an excellent way to build your list within your target market. Those who attend and those who participate are trying to reach the same goal – business growth. Here is a brief overview of how these ventures work.


First Things First

To participate in a joint venture giveaway all you have to do is sign up and register for the giveaway event. Sometimes you will visit one site and opt-in to receive your free “goodies”. Other times, you will visit numerous sites to receive the giveaways.  When the event starts, you will have access to dozens or even hundreds (depending on the number of contributors) of free and helpful goodies for your business.

After attending a joint venture event as a member, you may want to convert to a contributor. Contributors provide a giveaway that others can download. As a contributor, you can certainly participate in the event as well.  Depending on the joint venture giveaway event, it may be by invitation only or it may be open to anyone who wants to contribute. Ask the organizer! The worse they can say is “No!”

Your Product Offering

Once you have decided to contribute to a giveaway event, it’s time to think about your offering. You can offer a product that you created or one that offers resell rights. Either way, members have to be able to download your product. This way, you can offer your product to 2,000 people just as easily as two.

As you are deciding on your giveaway, it is important to consider the following:

1) Who are the participants of the joint venture giveaway?

2) What are they hoping to get out of the event?

3) What relevant offer to you have?

4) What aspect of your business do you want to showcase?

Remember, your giveaway should add value so be sure to consider the audience and your goals.

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