Need grease trap pumping rockland county?

Once you’ve removed as much loose grease and oil as you can, use a sturdy utensil to scrape the sides and lid. Cleaning the grease trap lid in this manner will ensure that you’ve removed all the waste effectively. Grease trap pumping rockland county can then scoop the scraped waste into the trash bag or use a wet/dry vacuum.

Locate a reputable service company in your local area and have your system inspected regularly. The tank will require emptying periodically depending on the size of it and the overall waste water usage of your household. Don’t overlook those valuable routine inspections.

Make repairs as soon as possible when faulty parts of the system are identified. The old adage “a stitch in time saves nine” truly applies here. If you make the necessary repairs sooner rather than later, then your expenditure will be less than the larger repairs and the backup cleanup that will likely follow before you know it.


Our aim is to provide operators of restaurants and commercial kitchens a source where they can find products to maintain their kitchen grease traps and drains.

We also aim to provide products that can be used to maintain all areas of their restaurant operation.

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