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Do a mind map to prepare for your psychic reading

If you don’t have a central question, but are just looking for some guidance in your life, tell your psychic when you call, and maybe try the above process, instead writing general areas that you would like help with, for instance, meeting new friends, career or money issues, new hobbies or groups to try, relationship issues.

Psychic readings don’t only have to be about the future so don’t be afraid to ask your reader to give you more details and insights about your personality, that of others, or clear up any issues from the past.


before your call:

1. Get your paper with your questions on it, and keep it by the phone.

2. Get another blank sheet of paper so that you can make notes whilst on the phone
– not only will this help you remember what your psychic has said
– but also you can note down any points that you wish to return
to later in the call
3. Take a look at my phone psychic readers profiles,
– check out their special skills, e.g. tarot, angel cards, spiritual healing, numerology
– see which readers specialise in particular areas of life, such as family or love
– choose the reader you feel drawn to, or if you can’t pick, just call and let us decide!

during your call:

1. Get a timer or keep a watch handy.
2. Start with the central question or issue you identified.
3. Tick off any points that have been covered
4. Take notes on interesting points, or things you wish to cover in more depth
5. Ask your psychic to clarify or elaborate on any details you want to know more about

after your call:

Meditate or take a walk after your psychic readingYou’ll have lots to think about, and decisions to make based upon the information you have been given. You might wish to try some meditation, or take a walk or bath with candles to think about what you have heard.

Remember, the future is not a totally predetermined story, so you can use the knowledge you have gained to empower yourself get where you want to be, whether that’s a new job, better or new relationship, higher state of consciousness, being healthy and happy or whatever!

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