Roofing Indian Trail NC

For your commercial roofing needs look no further than Roofing Indian Trail NC!  Our employees and roofers are well trained, educated in all the aspects and technicalities of commercial roofing, honest, dependable, and provide the best materials on the market!  Roofing Indian Trail NC is proud to have been in business for more than 50 years, providing service to some of the most notable structures.  We have provided metal roofs, vegetative roofing systems, reflective roofing systems, slate, tile, membrane, concrete (and many more) roofs to government buildings, schools, commercial developments and residential homes.

In fact, we are very pleased with the work we have done, insomuch that we have been giving out the names of some of our past customers (with their permission, of course) so that you can check with them, perhaps see our work, and verify for yourself that the work we have provided is solid, dependable, and beautiful!

In our commercial work, we have most often applied the classic metal roofs.  This kind of roof is popular all across the country, but our roofing has found a way to take this simply roofing system to a new level.  We have a wholesaler that we purchase our products from and thus provide the best prices for materials.  Not only this, but we also buy our products at top notch quality.  Our metal roofs have a lifespan that exceeds the longevity of 85% of all other metal roof systems offered by other competitors.  We don’t want you to have to buy a new roof, replace your old one, or even repair it.  We want this project you have to be something that you only have to think about this one time.  How terrible would it be if 5 years after purchasing your commercial roofing system you find that there are a variety of problems, problems that need attention and that are going to cost you a good chunk of money?  Please don’t go through that for nothing!  We offer maintenance on all of our jobs, ensuring you peace of mind with the product. When it comes to local roofing companies, there is no one that we can’t compete with on price and quality.


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