The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the profession of targeting websites for top search engine ranking. It is surprising how many website developers know nothing about marketing websites by search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization actually begins at the planning stage. A search engine optimized website plan includes a combination of domain name selection, website hosting location and keywords placed strategically throughout your website. That’s only scratching the surface of SEO, but that’s what you will need to know in order to work with your website developer on your website project. The most important part of search engine optimization is keeping your website relevant to your main theme and valuable to your target market.

What directories feed what search engines? It’s not a guessing game. We keep up with the latest trends and changes the search engine results are displaying. If you want a high performance website that ranks on the first page of the search engines, don’t just leave it to chance.

Top ranking websites don’t just “happen” – The search engine algorithms that govern the website rankings change monthly on many search engines. It is important to set up your website in a particular manner in order for the search engines to find and rank your website.



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